Balouo Salo is a charity project in in the region of Sedhiou (Casamance) in south Senegal, which will improve the living conditions of 40,000 people which now starve, because of the rising acidic water that burns cultivation fields. In this region the access to resources and basic services is prevented because of the total absence of infrastructure.

Balouo Salo consists in the construction of a bridge-dam in the valley of Tanaf Bolong (Village of Tanaf, Region of Sedhiou). Its realization will desalinate the soil for its entire length (100 million square meters), making it cultivable, while the infrastructure connection between the banks will arise social and commercial relations which today are hindered by the presence of the river.

Balouo Salo is a combination of words in language Mandinga (the majority culture of Casamance, characterized by the wisdom of Griot).
Balouo is the union of "ba" and "louo", the first means "mother", while the second means "backyard", also the union of this words ("balouo") means "to live" and "life". So it means "backyard as mother of life ". The courtyard is the valley that will improve agriculture and  life. Salo instead means "bridge" and "prayer." Balouo Salo means "to pray for life" and "a bridge for life" or vice versa. The project name was given by a Griot of the famous family “Diebate”.

Balouo Salo is what 40,000 people, who suffer from hunger, need.

Balouo Salo is to keep  faith in life and put the hope of a better world in a life made of solidarity, friendship, sharing and harmony.

Balouo Salo is waking up in the morning, knowing that there will be millions of hectares to grow and that on the other side of the Tanaf Bolong there will be a friend to hug.

Balouo Salo is an opportunity for the children of the village to not go away from home to find work because the job will be created in their own home.

Balouo Salo is the creation of a link between the shores, of new friendships and party between peoples. It’s the opportunity to exchange knowledge and commerce; to socialize, sell, buy and grow together.

Balouo Salo is giving a future to 25,000 children, allow them to play, smile and grow the rice fields.
Balouo Salo it’s to turn back home and find something to eat.

Balouo Salo is to meet the demands and needs of the population who sing : "we all want the fresh water."

We describe Balouo Salo in billions of worlds, but perhaps the best way is to let you see, with this video, as the population welcomed us and accompanied us during the inspection. In 400 people gathered in Sanoufily, women were singing in celebration, the children walked alongside us, the men prayed in the mosque. Everything for us to understand how important it is for they this project. It 'a project for life!

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