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Education project on gender equality and human rights

Gender Equality and Human Rights Training

Baghere (Senegal) - 2021

Multiannual training program for the female community on human rights and gender equality, with the aim of: promoting the emancipation of women, respect; promote human rights, reduce all forms of violence and discrimination against women; assist and support victims of violence; improve the level of education. Activities take place in the Women's House, whose construction project is another gift from Balouo Salo to the local community.

Donation of 12.000 pens to primary schools.

Tanaff, Simbandi Brassou, Dioudoubou, Baghere (Senegal)

Finding pens should be easy. This is not in Sedhiou region, where still lots of children are not able to take notes and do homeworks due to lacking education equipment. Thanks to the support of Stilolinea company, we donated 12.000 pens to primary schools in 5 municipalities, giving the opportunity to improve children education.

Training programme on Protection of Natural Resources

Tanaff, Simbandi Brassou, Dioudoubou, Baghere (Senegal)

Relationship between man and environment stands on the base of our existence, that’s why natural resources must protected and give them the right value, namely within areas where agriculture and environment plays a fundamental role in alimentary, health and economical conditions of communities. We consider importance and protection of the territory as an essential matter to deal with, and for that reason we held lessons in 35 schools addressing about 15.000 children.

ecosustainable architecture africa

Training program on ecosustainable architecture

Tanaff, Sedhiou (Senegal)

As part of the construction of the Tanaff educational center, a course on engineering and architecture was carried out, devoted to a naturalistic and environmentally friendly approach, to sensitize and instruct new local construction operators towards more comfortable methods, economic and sustainable. The lessons provided the engineering and architectural bases, with notions of physics, construction science, technology and properties of the main materials, as well as educational workshops and direct activities on site..