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Risk and Problems of Clandestine Immigration

Balouo Salo Raoul Vecchio Location: Tanaff, Baghere, Simbandi Brassou(Senegal)
Data: 2017
Beneficiaries: 6 villages, 400 local people

The project

Exodus and village migration deeply wounds african continent, village developement and preservation of its territory and customs. There’s planty of young people unaware of difficulties, who decide to travel abroad surrendering to a corrupted market that endanger their lifes. We held meetings to debate on the subject in more than 10 villages within the region of Sedhiou, talking to youngers and mothers about clandestine immigration in order to spread the know of base aspects on right evaluation of risks while facing such a travel. As a result, the loss of unaware lifes often affects families, and in a country like Senegal, where no conflict pushes to emigrate, clandestinity leads to a vicious cycle, badly repercussing on the future of every single immigrant and his family, reflecting on village development that assists to the progressive absence of its most active part: Young People. During those meetings we shared actual conditions clandestines has to face while travelling, showing examples and witnesses of imprisonned refugees in Libia, rapes of women and children, deaths, but still trying to give a clear panoramic of international rights of refugees, differencies between being clandestine, refugee and asylum seeker as well as EU procedures to safeguard human rights. The goal is to diffuse information and a clear knowledge among communities witnessing the transformation of the phenomenon in a hopeless escape, and to set clear that the only way to travel safe and help integration consists in travelling with documents and aware of traveller’s rights.


Balouo Salo Raoul Vecchio
Balouo Salo Raoul Vecchio