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To Know effects of climate changes

Balouo Salo Raoul Vecchio Location: Tanaff, Niagha, Baghere, Simbandi Brassou, Dioudoubou (Senegal)
Data: 2016/17/18
Beneficiaries: 20 villages, 5.000 local people

The project

Climate change’s main responsible for communities needy condition, directly or not, reflecting on food, economics and health system. We held various seminars and meetings, in more than 80 villages, focused on direct and collateral effects, consequences and causes of climate changes, learning how to adapt to and reduce them. We deeply focused on Sahel: its dryness caused an ongoing desertification and erosion as a consequence.
Since 1965, Sahel suffered decades of dryness that devastated ecosystem and put thousands of villages down on their knees. High temperatures as well as the strong decrease of rain ended with the loss of cultivars, acidification of the underground, reduction of water layer, desertification and more phenomena affecting life conditions of inhabitants so that 50 million people suffered famine and over 1 million people died. Altough nowadays dryness partially reduced, its effects and continuous climate changes lead to a slow and irreversible degradation that still causes dangerous emergencies.
As described below, the intervention area of Sedhiou seen climate changes generating the following rare phenomenon with social repercussions: Atlantic Ocean tides flood cultivars and contamine wells. As a consequence, mostly affecting communities living on agriculture, causing malnutrition, diseases and poverty. The biggest valley along Casamance river, Tanaff valley, seen 10.000 hectares of rice fields destroyed and causing serious problems to 80.000 people from 350 villages. Nowadays, in this forgotten part of the world, an average of 87% of population suffers malnutrition, 92% poverty, 85% of children’s affected by growth retards, 70% of diseases are caused by the previous phenomenon, children mortality is the highest in the country and life expectation reaches up to 65 years.
The knowledge of causes and effects of climate changes has a fundamental role for a hopeful future and to plan detailed interventions that aids communities to face environmental disasters, manage natural resources and improve their life conditions.


Balouo Salo Raoul Vecchio
Balouo Salo Raoul Vecchio
Balouo Salo Raoul Vecchio