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Balouo Salo

Studies and analysis of social conditions and the main sectors of humanitarian intervention

Baghere, Senegal

We have conducted in-depth research and analysis on the social, health, educational and economic status at the national level up to the local one, with specificity in the village of Baghere (Sedhiou Region), where we operate with different projects in a macro intervention composed of individual projects aimed to improve the health status, reducing infant mortality and cases of infection due to water; strengthen the emancipation of vulnerable communities and promote respect for the international rights of men, women and children; allow the sustainable development of the village in the protection of the environment. The research and analyzes are conducted on reliable sources of international organizations such as the UN and the African Union, national such as ministries, and local such as municipalities. These data are then crossed with direct surveys on the territory of the beneficiary families. These investigations have allowed the drafting of a document useful for framing the weaknesses of the territory to create a hierarchy of wide ranging interventions.

Balouo Salo

Architecture for development and emergencies

Architecture means wealthy and safety conditions as well as sustainability and the creation of relationships. Local customs, natural resources and improvement of life conditions are then enhanced through a sustainable approach of architecture, together with an accurate planning and building process. Our research on this subject culminated during the organization of Kaira Looro event, earning international approvals and thanks to which we gave the opportunity to research for appropriate technologies promoting proper materials, reinterpretating spaces and traditional architectures, modernizing them in order to improve life conditions. Architectural planning ‘s nonetheless just space, shapes and materials but, as for development, it represents something more, less clear at first sight, but deeply instilled in people, able to let a conscious and aware process strat and devoted to improve wealth and economical conditions. We continuously deal with emergencies through plannings and analysis of architectural contexts aimed to sort out dangerous problems or promote better life conditions.

Balouo Salo

Local sustainble development

Development’s a complex phenomenon gathering several interconnected aspects. At local and sustainable level it represents an analysis, training, understanding and involvment process, branched out on territory and society, giving birth to independency and self-sufficiency. More, research is aimed to identification of methods and approaches locally integrated, easy to realize and understand, going beyond barriers as they may be represented by culture, provenience or religion, and based on human knowledge. Every country as far as every region or village, may show different features related to development's planning, so we consider prior understanding and integration an essential aspect for any process. As a consequence, sustainable development aims to determine the appropriate way of reaching auto-sufficiency in any project, depending on community's own carachteristics and social and cultural potential, in order to empower life safeguard activities.

Balouo Salo

Immigration Phenomenon

Clandestine immigration phenomenon affects several families within our intervention areas, resulting in the death of youngers who leave the country to reach Europe. As a matter of facts it represents a changeable context, suffering complex social dynamics that needs to be analized and understood to have an efficient intervention against the phenomenon. Cultural or religious intentions, as well local or wider conflicts, straightly become a pretext for weaker communities and young people, feeling endangered. A strong migration phenomenon affected our intervention area during the beginning of year 2000, caused by some coflicts with a deathtoll of around 5.000 people and 20.000 migrated abroad. This migratory process sensibly diminished over last years even though it transformed depending on society’s necessities and ambitions, most of times unaware of actual refugees rights or risks of being clandestine. That’s why our research aims to monitor the phenomenon within the intervention area but mostly to understand social motivations pushing youngers to deal with the problem. The goal’s then to identify best communication strategies for our campaigns to be more effective at local and international level.

Balouo Salo

Drought effects to communities

Dryness is one of those micro and macro local factors playing a devastating role on environment and society. Dryness in Sahel raised the deathtoll up to more than 5 millions people, causing an irreversible environmental phenomenon in south Senegal, our intervention area, and the acidification as well as salinification of the soil, resulting in the loss of cultivars and contamining water from the underground layer. Due to that, more than 80.000 inhabitans of the Sedhiou region suffer precarious food and health conditions. The study of environmental phenomena needs to be understood so as to indentify best strategies against them and to restrain effects such as erosion, loss of pastures, underground acidification and eccessive layer salinity. Against those, the deep knowledge of environmental phenomena, gives bases to create an efficient planning.