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Your contribution is essential to allow us to develop projects to support disadvantaged communities. We do not receive any public funds but only private donations and fundraising events.
Supporting Balouo Salo means helping us to help the beneficiary communities and improve their living conditions.

Donate now

You can click on the button below to donate with any card or payPal.
You can choose whether to make a single donation or a recurring donation.

Suport us with a fundraising on social networkds

You can start a fundraising for us through Facebook or instagram, on the occasion of your birthday, your graduation or simply to support us. You will decide how much to collect and 100% of what is collected will be donated to Balouo Salo and directly invested in the field for materials or other necessities from the beneficiary communities.

To launch the fundraiser via facebook click on the following link and follow the instructionshttps://www.facebook.com/fund/balouosalo/

Support us wearing our t-shirts

Raoul Vecchio human right tshirt PYou can buy one of our t-shirts, produced with organic cotton and water-based colors, which bear writings for the promotion and protection of human rights, equality and peace. The jerseys are manufactured by Worthwearing, for each purchase a portion of the cost is a donation to Balouo Salo. In the photo accato the founder Balouo Salo wearing one of our jerseys.
Visit the store to discover all the models, sizes and colors for men, women and children: https://worthwearing.org/store/balouo-salo

balouo salo tshirt balouo salo tshirt balouo salo tshirt

Support from companies and institutions

Companies and institutions can support us with the donation of materials or liberal contributions. For example, a manufacturer of structural screws may decide to support one of our projects by donating the screws that we will use in the realization of the project (this is the case of UNIFIX for the project of cultural center of Tanaff ).
Institutions can contribute with donations and institutional support. For example, the Italian Jewish Community supported the construction of the Sambacounda well project with the 8x1000.

Among the companies and institutions that have supported us there are:
Unifix, Africa Baches, UCEI 8x1000, Archimede Stampe, Archicart, Gori Petrol, Nero Sicilia, Sheraton Catania, Cogiatech, Graphiservice.

TO know how your company or institution can support us write to info@balouosalo.com.