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Your donations is essential to enable us to develop projects to support disadvantages communities. We don't get any public funds but only private donations made from the events we arrange. Your donation will be entirely used to the realization of the project as our volunteers are all missionaries and they do not draw on the resources pertaining the association. Travel expenses, food, marketing, planning etc. are in fact entirely supported by the Balouo Salo components. This allow us to give the right value to donor's contribution.
Supporting Balouo Salo means giving help to improve life conditions of communities.

Support us with a donation

You can help us with:

Click on the "donation" button above

to "Associazione Balouo Salo"
c/c bancario num. 000103238460 - Agenzia 00483 Unicredit Corso Italia Catania
IBAN   IT96I0200816934000103238460 

Facebook fundraising
you can star a fundraising on facebook click on this website: https://www.facebook.com/fund/balouosalo/

5x1000 (for Italian people)
to donate the 5x1000 you should put in you fiscal declaration our fiscal code 90054350872. Visit the website of 5x1000 for more informations.

Start a fundraising

You can start a fundraiser for us through the Facebook fundraiser, on the occasion of your birthday, your graduation or simply to support us. You will decide how much to collect and 100% of what is collected will be donated to Balouo Salo and directly invested in the field for materials or other necessities from the beneficiary communities.

To launch the fundraiser via facebook click on the following link and follow the instructionshttps://www.facebook.com/fund/balouosalo/

Support from companies and institutions

Companies and institutions can support us with the donation of materials or liberal contributions. For example, a manufacturer of structural screws may decide to support one of our projects by donating the screws that we will use in the realization of the project (this is the case of UNIFIX for the project of cultural center of Tanaff ).
Institutions can contribute with donations and institutional support. For example, the Italian Jewish Community supported the construction of the Sambacounda well project with the 8x1000.

Among the companies and institutions that have supported us there are:
Unifix, Africa Baches, UCEI 8x1000, Archimede Stampe, Archicart, Gori Petrol, Nero Sicilia, Sheraton Catania, Cogiatech, Graphiservice.

TO know how your company or institution can support us write to info@balouosalo.com.


There are many individuals and publics subjects who supported our activities and our projects through contibution of money, donation of goods and servicies organizing events donation of 5x1000etc. It is possible to support us in many ways and doing so means sharing the value we promote with love and everyday dedication. The support of many fills us with pride and for that reason we think it is very important giving the right value to solidarity by mentioning private companies, organizations, associations and all those who have supported us in the past or who are still supporting us. A big thank goes to all of them.

Ambasciata della Repubblica del Senegal in Italia, Sedhiou Gouvernment, ARDS, Chambre de Commerce de Sedhiou, PPDC, Graphiservice, Area, Archicart, Archimede Stampe, Tipografia Gullotta, Ruwa srl, Associazione L'Impulso, Jamm Senegal, Aldemaro Onlus, Lions Club Faro Biscari, Fondazione FL, Cogiatech, Remax CT, Gori Petrol Group, Archilovers, Miseria & Nobiltà, Pizzeria Balsamo, Calcio Catania, Nero Sicilia, Katanè Palace, CUS CT, Galmar Premiazioni, Hotel Bester Western, ACR Messina, CARA di Mineo, In/Arch Sicilia, Università di CT, Archilovers, Pixartprinting, Rizzotti, Nero Sicilia, Città della Scienza CT, CA2 Lab, UCEI, Stilolinea, Millegradi, Consolato della Repubblica del Senegal in Sicilia.