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Our History

Balouo Salo comes to reality from the friendship between Raoul Vecchio and Jali Diabate, two co-founder partners. They met each other pushed by the odiern president’s motivation, Raoul, to put his architectural skills at disposal of needy communities , and Jali’s, senegalese musician and interpreter, strong will to help his native community. They met by chance, fortune perhaps, and spent a long time talking about their ambitions, finally sharing values such as friendship, solidarity and brotherhood. The strong bond is moved from a common and spontaneous call for free help , leading to plan a first inspection of Baghere, Jali’s native village. Since from first mission, they came upon several difficulties in terms of nourishing, health and economy, so that the two decided to establish a no profit association starting with an ambitious project such as the building of Bridge between Sanoufily and Sambacounda Santo Villages. Raoul begins the planning of an engeneering work and sets all his skills available, involving professionals and academics from all over the world. At the moment they came back to Senegal to show the humanitarian project, they asked a local elder to help them find a name for their project and association. The man, after a long and silent reflection, looked at sky and said: "Balouo Salo”. Known the meaning, Raoul and Jali decided to adopt the name. Later on the association received the ONLUS state upon Ministerial decision.
"Ba”means “sea” and “mom”, while “Salo” means “courtyard”, as for meeting place among communities. “Balouo” means “to live” and “life” at the same time. “Salo” means bridge and prayer. The sentence has twice meaning of both “ pray to live” and “bridge for life” in Mandinga language.


Balouo Salo aims to deal with humanitarian and environmental emergencies within developing countries donating projects based on participation, equality and solidarity principles. We don’t receive any money and free operate upon a call for altruism. As a matter of facts, volunteers personally take part in activities, just trying to satisfy general needs of communities and solve problems affecting families within intervention areas. Our multidiscplinary orientation (architecture, engeneering, training, psicology, human rights etc.) allows us a wide intervention and creates transversal processes devoted to the improvement of general life, health and food conditions.
Our contribution in societies building’s based on values such as solidarity, freindship, love, peace and cooperation between people and cultures, respecting cutoms, genders and religions.
In addtion to our practical intervention with respective projects, we econourage activities on the safeguard of environement, culture and customs as far as preservation of Fundamental Human Rights, focusing the attention of international community through the organization of events.


Respectful attitude and cultural integration are main elements to succeed in our projects, which ,once entered different communities and villages, produce different effects depending on cultural and social interest about them. To that reason, we develop integrated implementive strategies based on analysis of social equilibrium and transversal approach, optimising participation, understanding and project management, all resulting in short and long term effects for a sustainable development of the territory. Awareness, Knowledge and participation are therefore main features to succeed, and to that purpose we always set those as primary elements for preliminary training activity and creation of a sustainble approach.
All our projects are aimed to realize a fact-finding and organizational system giving an active role to beneficiaries by attracting attention of every involved subject. For them to be longlasting and sustainble ones, the heart of such projects’ set upon training and education, providing necessary know-how skills that lead to an indipendent management of works and their replication. So that everyone’s assisted by an intense training programme that teaches cooperation fundamentals and values addressing adults as well as children.


To help means to set beneficiaries on right conditions for self-efficiency. At the same time to cooperate means doing things together, sharing values and fundamentals reaching common goals. At Balouo Salo we cooperate supporting solidarity upon brotherhood principles in order to overcome cultural barriers. Every man, woman and children has the right to life and health, for this reason we aim to create a world without disparities, where everybody smiles, peacefully looking on tomorrow days and sending a safe place to future generation. Life's a every human right, and our contribution feeds solidarity addressing poorer people. The moment we plan always has the same call: to live and act upon other people smiles.
"True happiness is hidden in other people one, to live in peace we need to help each other, and that leads to help people find right conditions to live on their own”. R.Vecchio (President).

Who we are

Board member

Raoul Vecchio (President & Founder), Jali Diabate (Honor President & Founder), Moussa Souane (Honor member), Dario Distefano (Vice-presiden), Simona Cirami, Mamath Ndiaye, Giulia Tizzoni.

Testimonial Balouo Salo:
- Kengo Kuma (contemporary Japanese architects from Japan) https://kkaa.co.jp/about/kengokuma/
- Franco Ruggeri (Honorary Consul of the Republic of Senegal from Sicily, Italy).

Other members and past supporters::
Antonio Trimarchi, Emanuele Tumminia, Manuela Cirami, Nicola Timpanaro, Fossar Souane, Irma Vecchio, Erasmo Vecchio, Dario Coppolino, Baye Gueye, Federica Iemmolo, Cinzia Distefano, Gianfranco Distefano, Mamath Ndiaye, Ibrahima Mbaye, Aurelio Ghersi, Abdoulaye Gomis, Ibrahima Gomis, Francesco Ruggeri, Sebastiano D'Urso, Vincenzo Spampinato, Sally Nyolo, Grazia Maugeri, Sebastiano Amore, Associazione L'Impulso, Cristina Spina, Bara Dieng, Dario Chillemi, Rosanna Zingherino, Maurizo Caudullo, Ignazio Lutri, Lizzy Privitera, Giuseppe Mazzaglia, Ko nakamura, Pilar Diez, Angelo Ferrara, Rainer Kasik, Ivana Sorge, Cecilia Alemagna,Agostino Ghirardelli, Sebastiano Adragna, Valeria Kerz, Finocchiaro e Iacono, Carmine Chiarelli, Azzurra Muzzonigro, Toshiki Hirano, Angela Campione, Walter Baricchi, Celia Zappulla.

Balouo Salo's Framework for Sustainable Development

The activities put in place revolve around objective analyzes and designs based on a general framework of sustainable approach, inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Developments Goals. This Framework allows to make projects in three dimensions highly sustainable: social, environmental and economic, allowing to optimize the positive impacts throughout the project implementation process.

Donwload the BSFSD: Italiano
Donwload the presentation of BSFSD: Italiano - Francais

Ethic Code Balouo Salo

The Balouo Salo Code of Ethics is a tool available to all those directly or indirectly involved in our activities and projects. It defines an approach coherent with our humanitarian principles, guaranteeing honesty, transparency, reliability and excellence to the activities we carry out, without any third aim, but with the sole aim of improving the life of others in the contexts in which we operate.

The Code of Ethics refers to the principles stated in the international conventions listed below:

- United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
- Fundamental conventions of the ILO (International Labor Organization)
- UN Convention on the Rights of the Child-CRC

- UN Convention for the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)
- Sustainable developments goals (UN)
- International Human Rights

Donwload the CDBS: Italiano - Francais
Donwload the main principles of CDBS: Italiano - Francais - English


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