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Balouo Salo

Gender equality and women's empowerment

Location: Baghere, Senegal
Data: Coming soon
Users: Local women's associations

Gender equality and the women'sempowerment principles sare essential to create a sustainable development. Seminars and educational events are created to raise awareness among the components of society on the rights of gender equality and equal opportunities, as a determining factor for the economic and cultural growth of communities.

Balouo Salo

Support for the fight against the spread of COVID19

Location: Arondissement of Simbandi Brassou, Senegal
Data: 2020
Users: Comité de gestion pour la lutte contro le COVID19

Hygiene materials were distributed to strengthen local measures to limit the spread of COVID19 in the territory and awareness-raising initiatives were carried out to improve awarness and knowledge to community and local operators.

Balouo Salo

Government involvement for the dam bridge

Location: Dakar, Senegal
Data: 2018
Users: 7 ministries of the Republic, Primature, National Development Directorates and Presidency

Seven ministries of Senegal Republic have been scientifically sensitized on the issues of salt intrusion of the Casamance river and involved in commissioning and the implementation of the dam bridge project through meetings with the respective technical directorates and ministers.

Balouo Salo

Competitive programme for hydraulic infrastructure and salt intrusion phenomenon

Location: Sedhiou, Senegal
Data: 2016/17/18
Beneficiaries: 10 regional offices, 500 professionals

Organs and technical bureaux from Sedhiou region received specific training on proper planning and maintenance of hydraulic infrastructure in Casamance and best monitoring and solving process against saline intrusion phenomenon.

Balouo Salo

Involving local communities within development

Location: Tanaff, Baghere, Simbandi Brassou, Dioudoubou (Senegal)
Data: 2017/18
Beneficiaries: 80 villages, 8.000 local people

Development of beneficiaries seem to be at crucial point, and for that we aim to enhance and focus on them in order to have an active participation on improving their skills on matters such as technical knowledge and maintenance and to create self-sufficiency and freedom of management. .

Balouo Salo

To Know effects of climate changes

Location: Tanaff, Niagha, Baghere, Simbandi Brassou, Dioudoubou (Senegal)
Data: 2016/17/18
Beneficiaries: 20 villages, 5.000 local people

Climate change is the main responsible for community’s needy condition, directly or not, reflecting on food, economics and health system. We held various seminars and meetings, in more than 80 villages, focused on direct and collateral effects, consequences and causes of climate changes, learning how to adapt to and reduce them.

Balouo Salo

Risks and Problems of Clandestine Immigration

Location: Tanaff, Baghere, Simbandi Brassou(Senegal)
Data: 2017
Beneficiaries: 6 villages, 500 local people

Exodus and village migration deeply wounds village development and preservation of its territory. Besides, mostly young people, not aware of difficulties, try illegal migration to foreign countries. This matter has been discussed during meeting organized in more than 10 villages, in order to reduce its impact among youngers and avoid the loss of people unaware of real difficulties, but also sharing actual aspects of the phenomenon and refugees’ rights.